Dennys-logoThere are always ways to be creative in your marketing.  Denny’s is one of those businesses that have found a creative way of doing it, specifically, with Twitter.  They have found a way to set the tone for how a restaurant should be engaging its online audience.

How would Denny’s be able to work that special sort of online magic that countless businesses would love to get their hands on?  The brand has used some quick witted and culturally relevant social posts.  This has managed to wrangle in a larger amount of followers across all of the social platforms that they use.

Denny’s would have Erwin Penland ad agency to thank for their increase in followers over the last year.  The agency, who had worked with Denny’s menus and merchandising business since 2009, they moved up to work with the restaurant’s social accounts as of last year.

Kevin Purcer oversees the team leading the social strategy, and due to the success of campaign, he took the time to answer some questions with  of Marketing Land.

To see what was asked of Kevin, and what was said, check out Amy’s post on Marketing Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Tweeting For America’s Favorite Diner: 5 Questions With The Guy Driving Denny’s Social Success

Great.  Now I have the hankering for pancakes.