The Twelve Days of Google Christmas

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Out-do1-Alright, so it’s Christmas time and we already posted a Christmas related blog.  So what gives?  Why another one?  Let’s get back to the serious SEO stuff!  Well just hold your horses buddy!  It’s the holidays, and after tomorrow (after all, it’s Christmas Eve as of this writing), we’ll be able to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Until then, let’s try to have a little fun.

Going with the flow of the post found on Moz that I found this morning called The Twelve Days Of Google Christmas, written by Samuel Scott, we know that most of the posts found on Moz, as well as many SEO and search related sites go, the posts are pretty serious and completely informational.  You typically won’t find many silly postings or jokes to be had.  With Christmas upon us, I say we forego our normal humbug and try having a little fun.

In Samuel’s post, wrote his own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, except that he threw a little Google in there to mix things up.  In his rendition, he reviews all of Google’s “gifts” that have been give to us marketers, SEOs and webmasters over the last twelve months (this pretty much means the important changes to Google’s search engine algorithm).

So, without further adieu, you may follow the link to Samuel’s link to his post below:

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