twitter_logo1-CopyThere’s quite a good number of social media venues that one can take advantage of these days.  Facebook, Pintrest, StumbleUpon and Google+ are just a few of them.  But, for the sake of this post, Twitter is the star player in this game.  With over 230 million active accounts, there are many people out there who wonders if it will make sense to beginning testing twitter ads.  Is it worth devoting time and money to Twitter?  Or should you just simply focus on something else?

Because of the incredibly large user base of Twitter, it only makes sense that using Twitter can attract quite the number of people and customers to your business doorstep.  It seems that Twitter is quite the charmer for the local restaurants and retailers who are inclined to generate check-ins from those people who are actively visiting these locations.  If you compare that to other professions, such as companies that rely on lead generation, Twitter ends up becoming more of a back burner type of social media channel.  You won’t find many promotions and updates for businesses in real estate or the plumbing service, as an example.

 has a post available on Marketing Land that centers around the idea of promoting ads on Twitter to help promote your business.  Will ads be worth your time and money?  You can find out in Chris’ article, “Are Twitter Ads Right For Your Local Business? How To Decide.

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