Twitter Announces Full iOS Launch of Tweet Sharing to Instagram Stories

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In December of 2020, Twitter launched their initial test of the option to share tweets to your Instagram Stories. Now, Twitter has given the go ahead to all iOS users to share their tweets on Facebook’s platform. This means that a brand can now have an easier time sharing their content to other platforms. There is no need to go over to Instagram and manually post something….you can just do it straight from Twitter.

Twitter Instagram Stories integration

When sharing a tweet, you will see the option to share to Instagram Stories. When tapping it, you will a blank Instagram Camera frame appear where you can place your chosen tweet in. This will even count with any image, video, or available background you place in the original tweet.

The only problem is that when your tweet is shared on Instagram Stories, those tweets won’t be tappable. This means that you won’t be able to drive any traffic back to your Twitter post/account from that specific Instagram post.

Source – Social Media Today

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