There are a couple new features that are making their way to Twitter.  The first will help with cornering the real-time market, and the second helps with the overall user experience.

“Happening Now” will launch with sports events, making it easier to find tweets about evens happening in real time.  Bookmarking, which is also called Save For Later, has been announced, but it hasn’t rolled out to the masses yet.

Happening Now

With Twitter Moments, there are mixed reviews.  Even then, they are a truly important element for the social network for less regular users.  Twitter is where its at for real-time, and tying Tweets to a source/even is where Twitter can shine.  With “Happening Now,” Twitter pulls in current hot topic and places them at the top of the news feed.  This could be viewed as excessive by hardcore Twitter users, but it makes sense none the less.  The end result is a hybrid of moments and Twitter search, all rolled into one:


Here’s something that’s way overdue.  For those who don’t have the time, but you find a tweet that you’re interested and want to read later?  Currently, you have to like it as a way to bookmark it, or bookmark it with your browser or extension/plugin and go back to it later.  With Bookmarking, you can bookmark it directly in the Twitter environment:

This feature is still in the process of being built out while the design is being “dialed in.” It’s coming soon.

For more information, see Tweets from Twitter’s VP of Product and Twitter’s Help Center.

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