Twitter has been looking for ways to make money, and it seems the next target they have in their sights is Periscope.  According to an announcement today, Twitter will soon allow publishers and creators to monetize their Periscope content with support of pre-roll ads within video.

With pre-roll ads, viewers will get the same user experience that is seen within Twitter videos, where the only difference is it’ll be while watching Periscope streams.  This will enable brands to engage with viewers with their marketing message before the actual video is viewed.  All that has to be don is to scroll through the Periscope feed, and all videos (both live and replay videos) will start with an ad.

This is good news for Twitter, brands, and broadcaster/video creators.  Twitter will take a cut of the profits, and broadcasters will earn as well.  Marketers will now have a new source of advertising to reach new markets.  For brands, the deal is pretty sweet, as ads can be displayed on premium publishers and content creators.  But of course, for viewers, this isn’t as much of a win for them.  There was a study that was done last year that showed pre-roll video ads as a big turn off, at least when consumers are trying to watch news-oriented videos.

In order to get started, a brand has to engage through the Amplify program.  The rollout will occur over the next few months.

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