It will now be easier for multiple people to manage a brand’s account on Twitter while away from their computers.

Thursday, Now that it’s been two and a half years since rolling out Teams on TweetDeck, Twitter is bringing the account-sharing feature to its own mobile apps, according to an announcement that Twitter made on Thursday.  As a result, people who are sharing a single account will no longer have to log in to the TweetDeck desktop site to post tweets from that account.

Not only can people publish tweets, people who are members of a Team will have the ability to retweet and like other’s tweets.  They will even be able to send direct messages, schedule tweets, create lists for separate feeds populated by only certain accounts and curate Moments.

But not all Team features are going to be available through Twitter’s mobile apps.  Team owners and admins won’t be able to manage the members of a Team through Twitter’s mobile apps and must use TweetDeck for that feature, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

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