twitter-logoAre you a Twitter user, but not always signed in?  This is the case with any number of people, after all, you can’t always be expected to be signed in, right?  Twitter knows this, and has been able to create a custom user experience when one is not seeing tweets from people they follow.

According to Twitter, the company announced today that those users who aren’t logged in can still benefit from Twitter content on mobile devices by seeing stories and conversations that would be relevant to them.  This home-based time line is going to be rolled out to 23 countries, and will give the logged-out experience more interactive and personalized.

There is a home page that has been live for the US and Japan since last April, and it will now be updated for other markets.  This will allow visitors to get a news-like experience, which gives them the ability to explore topics as they happen.  Content on will be geotargeted and based on each user’s personal Twitter activity.  Tweets and accounts are selected and shown through a combination of manual and algorithmic curation,  with location being a key factor as to what activity will be shown.


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