Twitter Courts Brands With New “Brand Hub” Social Listening Analytics

Twitter logo Twitter is launching social listening analytics called Brand Hub, and the purpose is to help attract more advertising dollars from big brands.  The purpose behind Brand Hub is to give companies a centralizing place to get insights on share of voice trends, the people and audiences talking about their brands on Twitter.

Granted, there is a number of other third-party analytics tools that allows big brands to capture share of voice, sentiment and other various social signals.  But with Brand Hub, this is a full extension of Twitter’s existing analytics suite, and is anchored by a measurement metric called TrueVoice.

TrueVoice, which is something that is launching just for Brand Hub, will show advertisers their share of conversations that are happening on the social network.  It’ll measure the impressions from organic Tweets to show how ad campaigns on the social network, along with other channels, help influence organic brand mentions on Twitter.

We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analyzing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns. As consumers see ads about your brand and your competitors on TV, display, and social channels, they send Tweets which are then counted in real time through TrueVoice™.

Although the default setting of the tool allows you to look back seven days, the tool can also allow you to look back as far as 28 days.

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