twitter-logoTwitter has been testing a way for some accounts to feature a collection of top tweets, where the typical Twitter user can feature a single tweet at the top of their profile page.

One of the two new features that Twitter is testing on profile/account pages is the “Featured Tweets” tab.  The second feature is an additional line below the profile description that tells users how long an account is to respond to tweets.

These tests were spotted earlier this month by The Next Web when a small number of accounts began using them.  Twitter seems to be expanding the test by including more brands into the fold.  “Featured Tweets” allows users who land on a Twitter profile are shown this new tab, which has a collection of tweets that are manually curated by the brand.

With the “Featured Tweets” test, users landing on a profile are shown this new tab.  The tab includes a collection of tweets that are manually curated by the brand.  With the two screen shots below, you can see it in action on the @ATTCares and @AlaskaAir profiles.  AT&T selected a number of tweets to feature that are dated back to late May.  The tweets also aren’t shown in chronological order.  Once you get past the featured tweets, Twitter will show the rest of the brand’s tweets, which is basically the same experience that can be had by clicking on the “Tweets” tab.

The new test features are visible on both desktop and Twitter’s mobile apps, the latter of which is shown in the screen shots.

Featured Tweets 2 Featured Tweets


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