Say goodbye to Twitter’s Audience Insights

It has been confirmed by Twitter that it is going to be removing the Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics at the end of January. Audience Insights first launched in 2015 and was meant to give users a more in-depth data about their followers, including demographic profiles, purchase behavior insights, mobile device usage stats and more. But now, if you view Insights in Twitter Analytics, you’ll see a notification that it is going to removed.

Further information has yet to be provided about an alternative tool, though Twitter added a new Conversion Insights’ feature to Media Studio in November last year.

Facebook’s gentle ad policies reminder. 

Facebook introduced a new policy last year for US based advertisers running ads in its “Special Ad Category,” which does include housing, employment or credit opportunities. By February 11, 2020, Facebook is going to require advertisers in the US to identify any active campaigns that belong to a Special Ad Category that were created before Dec. 4, 2019. Also, advertisers have to update targeting settings for every campaign, or else the ads won’t be allowed to run. By March 31, every US business that creates new ads in the housing, employment, or credit categories will have to comply with restrictions for Special Ad Category campaigns.

All businesses who create ads that don’t offer housing, employment, or credit opportunities must indicate “None” in the Special Ad Category field for all campaigns, or the ads will no longer be allowed to run.

SourceTaylor Peterson