If you’re sitting there behind your PC or your phone, wondering what you should be posting on Twitter, the social media company wants to help you out. Twitter is giving us a month long content calendar.

A month’s worth of weekday tweet ideas has been outlined to help marketers plan on what to post each day.

Twitter briefly explains what each of these prompts mean.

  • Retweet: Retweet something from customers, partners, and thought leaders in your industry.
  • Tweet a pro tip: Post about a feature or best practice that makes your product or service more efficient.
  • Retweet with comment: Look for @mentions where it makes sense to amplify your reply – like answering a question other people can benefit from.
  • Take your Twitter followers behind the scenes: Highlight the people and places behind your brand.
  • Tweet some #MondayMotivation: Take advantage of this popular, recurring hashtag with an inspiring anecdote, a picture, or a video.
  • Tweet a link to a key piece of content: Share a link to an existing piece of evergreen content – Like a whitepaper or a downloadable guide.
  • Tweet a GIF: Write a clever one-liner and bring it to life with a GIF
  • Tweet a statistic: Share some data points that are valuable to your audience. As a bonus you could also add a simple graphic depicting the data.
  • Tweet a meme: To familiarize yourself with the trending memes of the moment, Twitter recommends looking at fast food accounts for inspiration.
  • Run a Twitter Poll: Engage your audience with a poll about something related to your business.
  • Tweet a question: Questions are another great way to create engagement. Twitter recommends actively participating afterward by engaging with the replies.
  • Share your #WednesdayWisdom: Take advantage of this popular hashtag by sharing practical, brand-specific tips and broader, more general words of motivation.
  • Tweet a Tweet that was successful in the past: Look through your profile, or the Twitter Analytics dashboard, to identify evergreen Tweets that are still relevant and share them again.
  • Give a shoutout: Highlight a standout customer, employee, or partner.
  • Tweet about positive brand news: Share some exciting things happening at the company level.
  • Tweet user-generated content: Share content about your business that was not created by you but by other customers.
  • Tweet a video: Look for an existing video you can repurpose. Twitter recommends sticking to 6-15 second clips.
  • Go live on Twitter: Engage with followers in real-time with live video.
  • Tweet a one-liner: Share a simple, text-only Tweet.

Twitter’s calendar can be used for any month you might be on, so use it whenever you like.

The company also shared some notable dates for April that an provide further inspiration for what to tweet about this month.

Here are some key dates of note include:

  • World Health Day on April 7th
  • National Sibling’s Day on April 10th
  • National Pet Day on April 11th
  • Earth Day on April 22nd

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SourceMatt Southern