Twitter is making it easier for users to find live broadcasts from the accounts they follow, while also giving advertisers running in-stream video ad campaigns prime real estate by pushing video content to a prominent spot on the app.

Twitter, who made the announcement yesterday, said it would put livestreams from followed accounts atop a user’s timeline.

Back in April 2017, Twitter opened up in-stream video ads to video clips and livestream content.  At first, the company offered the ads to just advertisers who had been white-listed via Twitter’s Amplify platform.  The in-stream video ads ran in video content from Amplify’s publishing partners.  This list included TV networks, major sports networks, and news and publishing networks.

In June of this year, in-stream video ads were made available to all adversisters by making the ad unit available to purchase within its self-serve ad tools.

Twitter, at that time, referenced a Nielsen Brand Effect report, showing Twitter users exposed to in-stream video ads were 70 percent more likely to recall a brand’s ad and 28 percent more likely to be aware of the brand compared to users who did not see the in-stream ad. The data also revealed a six percent higher purchase intent for users who had viewed in-stream video ads.

The primary focus these recent months have been the overall health of its platform and election integrity — but video is definitely more than a blip on its radar. Earlier this year, the company reported video advertising accounted for more than half of its Q1 ad revenue. Of the $575 million it earned from advertising, $288 million was attributed to video ads.

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