Twitter Has Acquired Periscope Streaming Video App

Twitter logo It seems that Twitter is thinking about taking the next big step in their social platform’s evolution.  It seems that Twitter’s big step in video is going to be live streaming.

There are several reports that says Twitter has obtained Periscope, which is a startup company that allows people to live stream live video from their mobile devices.  The idea behind this could actually be pretty cool in my opinion.

Even though Periscope is still in the private beta stage, it seems that they’re working on an app that is comparable to Meerkat, which is a live-streaming app.  Many had wondered if Meerkat was going to be picked up by Twitter, but it looks like that didn’t happen.

Business Insider, Recode and BloombergBusiness all reported that the company decided to go with Periscope, and according to Business Insider, the deal was completed several weeks ago.

It seems Twitter has been wanted to dabble in video as of late, since in January, consumers were given the ability to record and upload 30 second clip from the mobile app.  Even though this is option is a good step in the right direction, it doesn’t really work as well as the ability to live stream.  This is what could help make Periscope such a wonderful addition to the Twitter line.  The ability to easily publish live video on Twitter could be quite a popular feature.

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