On September 2, Twitter announced that it making improvements to its accessibility options so more users can make use of the platform.

Testing voice Tweets earlier this summer made us realize how much work we still need to do as a company, and we made a commitment to make Twitter more inclusive for the disabled community – creating a dedicated team to focus on greater accessibility, tooling, and advocacy across all of our products. “

According to Twitter, two new teams are being introduced:

  1. The Accessibility Center for Excellence
  2. The Experience Accessibility Team

Accessibility Center for Excellence

This team “will set goals, drive progress, consult and partner with groups across our core business functions to help make aspects of Twitter more accessible. This includes everything from accessibility in our office spaces to our marketing and communications strategies, to legal and policy standards, and more.”

Experience Accessibility Team

The second team “will work within our product org on new and existing features and products, providing resources and tools that promote greater accessibility on the service. They’ll work in tandem with the Accessibility Center for Excellence to ensure we’re held accountable in identifying and filling accessibility gaps throughout the product development lifecycle.”

Both of these teams will help make sure that there is always an accessibility voice for product and strategic approaches. With this, Twitter should be able to lead the development of features and options aligned with broader usage.

Source – Twitter and Social Media Today