Twitter Is Now Displaying Fuller Versions Of Photos In Your Web Feed

Twitter logo As of today, Twitter is getting rid of the crop.  The social media network will display fuller versions of photos in Twitter users’ web feeds.  This means that users won’t have to worry about picture cropping that cuts off weird parts of their uploaded pics, or zoom in on weird parts of the uploaded image.

Instead of cropped pictures, square and landscape photos will now be displayed fully in feeds.  This means clicking on the image to get a look at the full version is a thing of the past.  This is great for those who are marketers, or anybody else for that matter, that posts a lot of photos on their Twitter Feed.

New look for twitter Com photos 1 800x446

Twitter’s move towards displaying full images, rather than cropped ones, is another in a series of efforts to shift past its text-based beginnings into a multimedia platform.  The social media network gave users the ability to upload video to the network and, more recently, made video autoplaying back in January.  They even launched “Moments,” which shares events and Twitter-fueled narratives in a visual way.

Also, Twitter revamped its multi-photo display.  Before, they would show up to four photos in a simple, rectangular crops.  Now, when people post multiple photos, the display has become more similar to a Facebook collage, with one photo shown larger and others shown as smaller thumbnails on the side.

New look for twitter Com photos 2 800x446

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