Since Twitter suspended their verification application process in 2017, Twitter has reportedly verified over 10,000 accounts since then.

According to Mashable, only those with connections to the company are able to get their accounts verified. Previously, anyone could apply to become verified.

Currently, ordinary Twitter users aren’t able to have their accounts considered for verification.

The decision to suspend public applications was made following outrage over the verification of a prolific white supremacist.

In an announcement, Twitter said that it doesn’t want to mislead people into thinking that verification is an endorsement.

After pausing the verification program in 2017, Twitter said it was working on a new solution.

Despite being over a year since Twitter made the announcement, the company hasn’t said anything publicly about what it plans to do next, nor hasn’t revealed why it’s choosing to verify select accounts even though the application process is on hold.

Verification is important for distinguishing real accounts from fake accounts and impersonators. It even allows people to prove they’re representing truthfully. A verification checkmark is a symbol of trust. It lets others know that steps were taken to confirm someone’s identity.

If you were hoping that your account would get a blue checkmark anytime soon, it probably isn’t going to happen.

SourceMatt Southern