twitter-logoHave you been using Twitter lately?  If so, you should have been used to seeing targeted ads popping up in their stream.  But how about on their own content?  Re/code has confirmed that a new ad test that displays promoted tweets directly in a user’s profile page.

So far, only a small number of logged in users are seeing this test, but the promoted tweets are displayed to people visiting other users’ profiles on both the web and mobile apps.  This content that is being displayed in this test is being differentiated from organic tweets with a big “Suggested By Twitter” disclaimer.  Re/code says that the ads aren’t going to appear on pages of those users who are verified.

There seem to be both pros and cons to this particular feature, as it’s possible that brands could be showing up in a competitor’s profile, and you know that isn’t going to fly with the competitors.

A Twitter spokesperson said in an email to Marketing Land: “We’re experimenting with this feature, as we do with all our ad features, in order to create great experiences for our users, advertisers and partners.”

Check out Re/code for more details on the story.

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