twitter-logoTwitter has come full circle and returned to where it began when, this morning, the 140 character social network company introduced co-founder Jack Dorsey as its permanent CEO.  For the last four months, Dorsey was operating with the interim stamp of CEO, until now.

Along with the announcement, there was also an SEC filing and a series of tweets from Dorsey, who is also the CEO of mobile payments startup, Square.  Adam Bain was also named chief of revenue and partnerships.  Bain was reportedly another CEO candidate.  Dick Costolo, the former CEO, stepped don on July 1st.  Costolo also left the company’s board of directors.

Along with permanent CEO status, Dorsey is also inherited a company that is struggling to gain momentum and the confidence of investors.  Twitter’s stock has been hovering the price of 26 a share for most of the summer.  Early trading today, the company’s stock was slightly above the $26 mark.  The biggest issue for Wall Street is that the company is having trouble gaining ground with the average user.  Currently, there has been a slowing growth in monthly active users.  Right now, Twitter has 316 million monthly average users, where as Facebook has 1.5 billion.

Dorsey’s goal for pushing Twitter ahead is by making the service easier to use for users who are new to the social network.  One of the efforts is called Project Lightning, which is expected to launch soon.  Project Lightening is supposed to give people on Twitter a better curated experience when it comes to live events.

Here’s some of Dorsey’s tweets around the announcement:

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