Twitter Officially Rolls Out Bing Translation

For quite a while, Twitter has been doing a long time experiment with Bing Translator, and they are now announcing today that it will now offer translations of tweets in multiple languages.  The Bing Translator feature has been activated for the desktop platform, the iOS and Android devices.    It staying active on the Windows Phone app.

So if you’re using Twitter and you find a tweet that isn’t in your native language, you will see a globe in the upper right-hand corner of the tweet.  By clicking or tapping on the globe icon, the translator will go to work and translate the tweet for your  The feature will work for more than 40 different language.  But in case you’re a Star Trek nerd, Klingon will not work within the Twitter version of Bing Translator, even though it’s supported by Bing, but currently doesn’t work for the 140 character social media platform.  Will it work in the future?  Star Trek fans can always hope.


The picture below shows an example of the Bing Translator globe in action:

Twitter bing charlie 800x364

It was reported earlier in the month that the feature was added by Twitter to TweetDeck.

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