twitter-logoIt seems that Twitter won’t simply be the home of 140 character social media user messages and ads.  Soon, we’ll being seeing some new options from within our Twitter app.  According to BuzzFeed, a “News” tab is currently being tested to help Twitter’s push in the news distribution space.


Image courtesy of BuzzFeed

A list of headlines will be displayed in a familiar Twitter format when selected, and when you select the headline, a card-like format will be brought up with the full title, description and the top Tweets surrounding the story.  Another thing that you will be able to do is brows all headlines to see the number of top Tweets about a given story.

There is an old report from Pew Internet that says that Twitter is lagging behind Facebook when looking at news consumption.  On Facebook, 41% of US adults are getting their news from Facebook, while only 10% of US adults are consuming their news from Twitter.  One big problem behind this issue is Twitter’s low number of users.  The difference between Twitter’s and Facebook’s user base is pretty wide.  Only 17% of adults are using Twitter, while 66% of adults are on Facebook.  Sure, including a news tab on Twitter could help increase numbers,  but one thing that is ultimately holding the company back is the the Twitter user growth problem.

For more information, see BuzzFeed.

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