twitter-logoAlthough it’s been in the works for a while, it looks like Twitter is finally joining the universal tracking tag bandwagon.  The universal website tag is now available to all advertisers.

Rather than having to add a separate code to track every conversion event and having to build separate tailored audiences, advertisers will have to apply a single tag to the global header in their websites.  The only exception is that if you’re tracking an event that isn’t resulting in a new web page loading after completion, you’ll still use the single event website tag.

After placing the tag, advertisers will be able to set up individual conversion events to track and tailor audiences in Twitter’s UI.

With this universal event tag, you will be able to build up to 200 audiences.  The single-event tag that came before was limited to just 25 audiences.

The tag is globally available and found within the Twitter Ads dashboard.  API access will be available within weeks.


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