On August 7, Twitter announced that it will be removing third-party data sources from its ad platform early next year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Twitter is streamlining the way in which advertisers use audience data and shifting focus to the Twitter Ads API, which ultimately improves outcomes through technological advancement and developmental flexibility for our partners and customers,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

After the policy takes affect, advertisers will be required to purchase data on their own and twitter will still need to approve the data sources used by advertisers.

Twitter announced it may have shared user data with its measurement and ad partners without permission from users. “The data involved stayed within Twitter and did not contain things like passwords, email accounts, etc,” wrote Twitter in a blog post on its Help Center.

This news came a over a year after Facebook removed third-party targeting data.

Twitter says the change is aimed at improving the process. “We want to make sure we’re creating and developing the best possible experience for every advertiser, agency and marketer utilizing the system,” said Personette.

According to Twitter VP of Global Client Solutions, Sarah Personette, the new policy is unrelated to data protection efforts, but it comes at a time when data privacy — and legislation — is top of mind for most advertisers.

SourceAmy Gesenhues