Twitter Users Rejoice! Emojis Are Here!

I’m sure a number of you have used Twitter.  With all of us Twits (that’s what I lovingly call Twitter users, Twits), we’ve had to suffer through the pain and agony of never knowing the loving embrace of the emoji.

That is, until today.

Web-only Twitter users have been viewing Tweets on their PC or laptop monitors, and have been unable to view emojis, unlike those lucky sons of guns, mobile Twits.  For those tweeting on web-only platforms, we’ve only seen a square box ✨.

Twitter support 600x340
This week Twtter has announced that emojis are now supported on the web client.  Many people, especially businesses and companies, would question the use of the emoji.  Why would a business need an emoji in their tweets?  It looks less than professional.  Until now, there wasn’t any reason for brands and marketers to utilize the emoji, as they would appear as the square box on the web-only platform.  This new universal support testing emojis in Tweets are being encouraged.

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