emoji 2As odd as it seems, it looks like emojis will mean more to us than simple whimsical ways to express ourselves.  Soon, Twitter will be letting brands target ads based on the emojis that people include in their tweets.

When this finally rolls out, the more you include the 💩 emoji in your tweets and retweets, the better chance you’ll get targeted by Charmin or Miralax.  If you’re a brand that wants to do this kind of thing, it’ll be completely possible.  You just have to buy your Twitter ads through AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, Social Code of 4C.  Keep in mind, this is a real thing, and it’s happening.

I’m sure a number of you are reading this and saying that this is pretty stupid, and that this couldn’t possibly be real.  Emojis have become popular for those people who love to communicate in more ways than just with text, to the point where 😂 was the freaking word of the year in 2015.  According to Twitter, people pasted over 110 billion emojis into tweets since 2014.  That’s a lot of emojis, so I can see why they could be a great way to be utilized for advertising.

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