In a blog post last week, Twitter outlined a series of measures ahead of the US Election. Beginning on October 20, Twitter users are going to be encouraged to quote tweets instead of simply retweeting them.

Twitter wants users to be able to let others know why they are retweeting. The hope is that people will create conversations by sharing their thoughts, rather than just retweeting without any sort of comments.

This change includes some new prompts when users begin retweeting or quote tweeting misleading information.

Here’s what Twitter said about new prompts:

“We currently may label Tweets that violate our policies against misleading information about civic integrity, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media. Starting next week, when people attempt to Retweet one of these Tweets with a misleading information label, they will see a prompt pointing them to credible information about the topic before they are able to amplify it.”

Find out more on Twitter’s blog.