Zoom Says They are Trying To Improve The Platform

As the workforce around the world scrambles to work from home, Zoom, a video conferencing platform, is feeling the pressure as usage skyrockets. Zoom has admitted that there are cracks in their system and has announced plans to continue improving its platform, protecting user security, and supporting the surge in traffic.

Last week in a blog post, Zoom wrote “These new use cases have helped us uncover unforeseen issues with our platform… We appreciate the scrutiny and questions we have been getting – about how the service works, about our infrastructure and capacity, and about our privacy and security policies. These are the questions that will make Zoom better, both as a company and for all its users.”

Source: Zoom

Twitter Bots And Their Politics

Bots and fake accounts have been quite the headache for Twitter users, and it seems that it’s not improving. Out of the total number of Twitter users, fake profiles and bots account for anywhere anywhere between 5% and 15%, says Social Media Today.

According to Social Media Today, their presence has a huge impact. Social media analysts have called out many bot accounts being used for malicious purposes, such as amplifying political messages or mass retweeting to drown out opposing views.

Although Twitter is currently trying to address this issue, it is still a red flag for users and brands.

As told by Social Media Today, “banning political ads on the platform is one thing, but banning bot swarms would likely have a much bigger positive impact in the case of tweets.”

Source: Social Media Today.

SourceTaylor Peterson