twitter-logoIt seems that watching live broadcasts on Twitter is a pretty big thing these days.  You’d think people would be all over watching two teams playing football live on Twitter (which they do!), but it seems that more folks seem to be into watching to candidates talking on twitter instead.

More people ended up tuning into Bloomer Politics’ presidential debate livestream on Twitter Sunday night than they did for watching on one of the three Thursday Night Football games syndicated on Twitter so far this season.  The debate beat out both football in total number of viewers and the average number of viewers for any given minute during the livestream.

On Sunday night 3.2 million people watched at least 3 seconds of the presidential debate livestream, compared to 3.1 million who checked out last week’s Thursday Night Football game on Twitter.  The average debate audience numbered 369,000 viewers per minute, where as the Thursday Night Football livestream averaged only 236,000 viewers per minute.

This isn’t the first time a presidential debate viewership on Twitter beat out an NFL game though, as the first debate that was streamed on Twitter in late September received 2.4 million total viewers and averaged 344,000 viewers a minute.  The Thursday Night Football game broadcast on Twitter the wee before had received 2.2 million total viewers and averaged 327,000 viewers per minute.

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