twitter-logoRemember when there was the idea that Twitter was going to ditch the 140-character limit and allow 10,000 character tweets.  Well, the thought didn’t go over very will Twitter fans.  But, all the issues have been squelched it seems, as CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, told NBC’s “Today” show on the morning of March 18 that the their signature 140-character limit is here to stay.

The comments were made in an appearance with Mat Lauer and Carson Daly about Twitter’s 10th anniversary, which happens on March 21.

“It’s staying,” Dorsey said in response to Lauer asking specifically about the 140-character limit. “It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

When Lauer asked, “You’re not changing anything?,” Dorsey responded by saying that “We’re changing a lot.  We’re always gonna make Twitter better.”  Even then, Dorsey said again that tweets would remain 140 characters.  Here’s the exchange at the beginning of this NBC video clip.

The tweet character extension rumors date back to at least last fall.  The rumors really began picking up steam in January with reports that said that tweets were going to expand to 10,000 characters in Q1 of this year.

There was some pretty big backlash due to these rumors, and in a funny twist in irony, Dorsey quickly responded with a response so long it had to be posted in an image.

Of course, Dorsey was open to the idea of expanding the length of tweets, since he admitted that many users had to use images to say more than a tweet allows.  He even asked,


[W]hat if that text… was actually text? Text that could be searched. Text that could be highlighted. That’s more utility and power.” He also promised to tell Twitter developers in advance “if we decide to ship what we explore.”

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