In a 45 minute livestream on March 8, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressed a number of safety-abuse and misinformation issues currently plaguing the site.  Three others joined him – David Gasca, head of product health; Vijaya Gadde, head of legal, policy and trust and safety; and Del Harvey, head of trust and safety.  Together, the four spend most of the time taking questions from viewers and sharing how Twitter is focusing on the health of the platform.

Twitter’s verification process came up a couple times during the livestream, once were a viewer said, “I feel if everyone was verified, it would clean up this platform.” A second conversation happened when another viewer asked if Twitter will be verifying more people.

“Short answer is going to be yes,” Dorsey said in response. He prefaced his comment by saying that one of the intentions of the new verification process is to help people verify more identity details and to open verification to everyone.

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