twitter-logoWho else noticed an update to Twitter this morning?  To many, people have bore witness to the new “Moments” feature in their Twitter feeds.  This format gives users a quick view of the best stories that are happening on Twitter at the moment, with the top tweets and content around each topic.

To check out Moments, just click on the lightening bolt tab on your mobile device or desktop.  By doing this, you’ll be transported over to a list of “happening” stories.  Normally, these Moments will be the top, most talked about stories that are happening across Twitter.  They are also categorized by topic, so you’ll be abl to choose what you can see while looking back on Moments that have occurred over the past few days.  Every moment will contain a handy progress bar that will allow you to see the length while viewing and amount of Tweets left.


Every Moment starts with and into that includes a title and description.  Users will be able to swipe for more information.  Content can be discovered on a particular topic, which includes GIFs, images, video or Vines.  If you like a specific tweet, you can tap it to see more.  You’l be able to favorite or retweet it as well.  After you’ve completed a Moment, users will be taken to a screen where they’ll be able to share and tweet out their thoughts on the Moment.


If you’re interested in one of the Moments as an ongoing story, you can actually follow it.  If you choose to follow it, the tweets from that moment will go directly into your timeline.

For more information see Twitter’s Official documentation on Moments.

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