Because Twitter has been seeing a rampant abuse problem, the company has chosen to find the right way to handle this issue.  In an announcement made on January 7, this issue was addressed with some overall improvements toward a safer, and a better tweeting experience.  There was an addition of three major changes – abusive account creation prevention, safer search results and collapsing low-quality (or abusive) tweets.

When it comes to banned accounts, Twitter is taking a proactive approach about identifying users who have been suspended, primarily as a result of abuse and harassment, which should help insure that they don’t recreate new accounts.

A “safe search” is going to be implemented, which should remove tweets that contain sensitive content or tweets that have been made by blocked/muted accounts.  The objective is for search to be less cluttered with more relevant results.

Regarding low quality tweets, Twitter does advocate towards free speech.  Even then though, they acknowledge that low quality or abusive tweets can detract from the user experience.  With the ability to collapse these tweets, the more relevant responses are brought forward.  This change is going to be gradually rolled out.


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