video-clipWhen we think of content, what is the one kind that will almost always pop up in your mind?  If we are all on the same page, the answer will be text.  That is the one form of content that many people will think of and will try focusing on in their SEO plan.  But what about video and imagery?  Aren’t those just as important now a days?  When you do a search on Google, aren’t we always seeing search results for videos and even images?  Yup, we are!

So why aren’t more people utilizing video and imagery as part of their content creation and SEO?  It’s not a good idea to have these forms of content be an afterthought.  By including video and images to your SEO strategy, you will be expanding your reach to more people by quite a lot.  In other words, your click-through rate should go through the roof compared to when you’re just using text-based content.

In an article written by Jim Yu, will be telling you why including video and images to your SEO strategy is so important these days.  After that, he’ll be giving up some tips for starting up your rich media plan for organic search.  The tips he gives includes basic image optimization and video optimization best practices.

Search Engine Land: Two Forms Of Rich Media Your SEO Plan Shouldn’t Ignore