Two New AdWords Features Added – Mobile Bid Adjustment Simulator And First Position Estimates

Google adwords gradient1 1920 Two new features for AdWords has been introduced by Google, known as the bid adjustment simulator for mobile bids, and a new first page bid estimate feature.

Let’s cover the mobile bid adjustment simulator first.  This feature shows how a mobile ad adjustment could potentially affected impressions, clicks and sped over the previous week.  In the simulator, you’ll be shown an estimated impact for both mobile bid adjustment increases and decreases.

To find the mobile bid adjustment simulator, just look for it in the Devices section under the Settings tab in a campaign.  You’ll need to make sure that the Bid Adj. column is activated.  The bid simulator icon will be found in that column, below the bid adjustment.

Now for a word of warning.  Since the simulator is available only at the campaign level, “If you apply any bid adjustment changes from the simulator, your ad group adjustments will be overwritten.”

Let’s now move over to the first position estimates.

This is another feature Google has added that complements the existing first page estimates and top-of-page estimates.  This estimate will show the bid you will most likely need for y our ad to be shown in position one at the top of the first page of results.

The bid estimates are relative to the devices targeting in a campaign.  If you have a mobile campaign running, the bid estimate is going to reflect what’s needed to meet the placement threshold on mobile devices.

The first position estimates and bid adjustment simulator are currently available to all advertisers.

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