RandWhen you go through the time and trouble to create a website, you are going to think it’s the best site in the world, right?  It looks great, the design is fantastic, and everything about it is just wonderful.  You’re in love with it.

But what if you’re suffering under the delusion that the site is great, but it really isn’t all that good looking to begin with?  What if everybody who comes to your site begins to complain that the look of the website is just awful?  As it would turn out, your website isn’t all that beautiful after all.  It’s rather quite ugly, and other people know it.

Because we rationalize our behavior by saying it’s a great looking site, we’re really just fooling ourselves.  Because we are thinking in this way, it can end up that all of our marketing efforts may end up being for not, because nobody wants to come to our ugly website.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us how to remove this blindfold and create objective decisions to move our business forward.