When it comes to handling and visualizing data, it’s pretty difficult not to do it without stressing out.  Regardless of if you’re a job seeker or a business professional, you know that Pivot Tables are a big thing.  If you don’t know what a Pivot Table is, it’s a built-in feature of Excel that gives you the ability to basically take data and re-arrange it, creating a table that allows you to choose what and how  yo want to view our data.  In the end, they can improve the ability to draw actionable conclusions from your data.

If you want know how to create Pivot Tables for your business, there’s a great article dedicated to helping you created them in Excell (2016), and it is written by Kasper Langmann, the co-founder of Spreadsheeto.

Check out the guide by following the link below!

[Read the The Ultimate Guide to Creating Pivot Tables here]