It’s possible that Google could have made some tweaks to their algorithms this week on how they target link spam, as well as other forms of spam.  It hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Google as to if there was an algorithm change, but when  tracked the signals, it seems that there was an algorithm update that has hit those who undergo more aggressive link building.

The update seems to have happened around the first of February of this year.  The tweak could have been how the Google Penguin detects and discounts spammy links.  It could even be a totally new algorithm as well, but right now, it’s not a sure thing.  There are people within the “black hate” SEO community that appear to be noticing this and complaining that their tactics aren’t working as well as they did.

There are some folks who are saying that their private blog networks (PBN), aren’t working as well either.  It’s being said that Google is slower at picking up new links.  Some think Google hit their sits with penalties.

On the other side of things, all the “white hat” SEO communities aren’t really noticing or complaining about any ranking changes in Google.

If this algorithm update is a real thing, it would appear that it is an update that centers around how Google discredits spammy links.


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