google-shoppingWhen it came to website traffic, a majority of retailers would see two types of traffic  They would see brand traffic, and non-brand traffic as a necessity of running a paid search program.  But, things have gotten a little muddled with the introduction of Google Shopping Campaigns and the Product Listing Ad (PLA) format.

Here’s the difference:

Brand traffic:  This type of search s often just navigational in nature, or is simply reflects brand equity that has come from other channels.

Non-brand traffic:  Non-brand traffic are feed-based.  The down side with this type of traffic is that an advertiser won’t be able to tell Google to run PLAs if the brand name is seen in a user query.

Despite the muddied water that was brought about by Google Shopping and PLAs, advertisers are able to segment brand and non-brand PLA traffic with a little work, which includes negative keywords, campaign prioritization options that came about with Shopping Campaigns, and a little effort

 will walk you through the process in a post he’s written on Search Engine Land, as well as examine the importance of branded queries and PLAs are to text ads and in general.

Search Engine Land: Understanding How Your Brand Drives Google Shopping Campaign Traffic