different-intentsIn the field of marketing, it’s a great idea to obtain data that can help pinpoint key moments in a customer’s online journey.  The data collected can originate from several different sources, which includes search keywords, purchase intent, and site interactions.  Overall, those sources can be painted with broad strokes, as the devices used can be very different.

Last year, it was projected by Marin Software that over 50% of paid search clicks would come from mobile devices by 2018.  It’s also been reported by eMarketer that almost 200 million users will probably be doing their searching on mobile by the same year.

With this information at hand, it’s pretty evident that mobile isn’t just the thing of the future, but it’s the now.  Because more and more people are using more devices to do their searching, research and purchasing decisions, it’s important for marketers to take the data they’ve obtained from these devices and multiple online environments and use them to better understand signals of intent.

Columnist  has an article that can be found on Marketing Land where she believes that if you can get a handle on mobile intent, you can be on your way when it comes to marketing on mobile devices.

The four factors that impact intent that she discusses include:

  • Time impact
  • Local Flavor
  • On-the-go component
  • functionality considerations

To check out her post, and the details on these four factors, check out her post by following the link below!

Marketing Land: Understanding User Intent Differences Across Devices To Supercharge Your Marketing