The Upcoming Content Trends in 2014

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2014-b2b-marketing-trendsWe live in quite a great time to experience the wonders of the internet and see all the things it can provide.  Because of this, it’s also a wonderful time to be a digital marketer as well.  In the early 90’s, we had online capabilities, but hardly anything was going on back then.  The web as we knew it back then just wasn’t what it is now.  But now, 20 years later, the increase in global online population has increased dramatically.

We look at the the amount of people connected to the internet in this day and age, we fine that about half of the global population has access to the internet.  To think about it, half the world has the ability to get online when ever they want and find the information they need at the click of a mouse, or the tap of a smartphone.

In a post found on Moz, entitled The Future of Content: Upcoming Trends in 2014, and written by Stephanie Chang, we will find information that focuses on the trends that lay ahead for content marketers, as well as the role they will play in their business or organization.  It’s important to be able to look ahead into the future and understand what sort of upcoming trends we are facing, and how they will help define the content goals withing a company and deciding how resources should be spent.

To read Stephanie’s article, just follow the link below to Moz:

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