The Search Engine Post has been updated to include new Easter eggs that Google has placed as part of its 20th anniversary celebration.

Google is known for its lighter side, including things like whimsical logosApril fools’ gags and the like.   has a huge list of “Easter eggs” that Google engineers have hidden for enterprising searchers who take the time to hunt them down.

So what is an Easter egg?  According to Wikipedia, “A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program, webpage, video game, movie, book, or crossword.”

Here is a classic example of a Google Easter egg – An animated, rotating graph of a 3D easter egg (click the link to see the animation).

It can be difficult to tell if what you’re seeing is a “classic” Easter egg, or one of the ones you really have to hunt don to reveal.  There are some of these Easter eggs that have to be turned on depending on the time of year, event or season.

Those types of Easter eggs that are turned on for events like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the like, aren’t accepted as “true” Easter eggs by some.  In Chris’ post, he focus’ on “permanent” Easter eggs that you can search for and find your self at any point in the year.

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