US Desktop Search Rankings Continue To Hold Steady; Google Maintains 64% Share

Google and bing For the second month in a row, the comScore’s US desktop search engine rankings has seen very little change.  In no surprise, Google is still holding a commanding lead of 64% of the share of the market.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Ask, who is commanding the smallest share, at less than 2%.  Each of these two lost 1/10 of a percentage point between May and June.

Others have shown no monthly change in the rankings, including Microsoft Bing (20.3%), Yahoo (12.7%) and AOL (1.2%)  which measure explicit core searches.

Comscore june 2015

According to ComScore, there have been 17.5 billion explicit core searches conducted in June in the US, down from 18.2 billion in May.  The totals for each includes:

  • Google – 11.2 billion
  • Bing – 3.6 billion
  • Yahoo – 2.2 billion,
  • Ask Network – 301 million
  • AOL – 202 million

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