US Smartphone Penetration Now At 75 Percent

According to comScore, About 75 percent of mobile subscribers in the US are now proud owners of smartphones.  To compare, there was only 65.2 percent of people who owned smartphones back in December of 2013.  Based on these numbers, it’s predicted that by December of this year, the US smartphone penetration will be above 80 to 85 percent.

Even though the market share data are mostly unchanged from previous months, Apple and Google are still at the same relative positions as in past surveys.

But even with Apple’s  massive holiday quarterly sales, comScore has shown a one percent share loss by Apple against Android (which seem to be doing quite well based on Samsung and LG gains).  What’s odd is that if you look at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech data, the iPhone is growing in markets globally in December at Android’s expense.

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Screen shot 2015 02 04 at 8 15 41 am 800x488

As far as apps are concerned,, the Top 15 are by and large unchanged sequentially.  It’s not shock that Facebook and a number of Google apps are all dominating the charts.

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