google_adwordsWhen you’re in the business of selling products and services, you know there will always be competition to worry about.  In an auction-based ecosystem, your competitors are the ones that are playing the important part in determining what the auction looks like for you and the keywords you’re using.

As marketers, we know there are a number of ways we can learn about the competition.  The big part is taking those lessons we’ve learned and utilizing them by making something actionable in your account.  With the release of Auction Insights back in 2012, it’s been much easier to find out what is going on with the competitors that are appearing in the same auctions as your ads.  Unfortunately, it seems Auction Insight aren’t used as much as they should be.

Matt Lawson has decided to focus on something that will let you learn about your competitors and what they’re doing when it comes to mobile advertising.  Because of how huge mobile has become, it is important to make sure you take it quite seriously when you’re working on your marketing campaign.

In his blog post on Search Engine Land, Matt explains how to use the Auction Insights tool to your best advantage.  Check out the post now by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Using AdWords Auction Insights To Find Out Who’s Winning On Mobile