Google AdWordsAlways wanting to improve, Google has always been doing what they can to get AdWords to do better and better as time goes on.  For those who’ve been using AdWords, I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the last year, the conversion tracking capabilities, reporting on conversion metrics and automated bidding functionality have been improved quite a bit.

But to some, including , even with all the improvements that have been made to AdWords, a major problem still persists.  Luckily for Google, it doesn’t seem to be anything that they’re doing, for it’s more the fault of the companies that own AdWords accounts.  Despite all of the good things that have been done with the service, some accounts are still faltering.  Basically, even with a clear set of goals for their paid search, they are aren’t tracking their goals correctly.  They are tracking other goals as conversions in their AdWords account.

This usually happens because there is a lack of knowledge on the improments that have been made, or the people managing the accounts get complacent,  and they get used to the “issues” that existed years ago when they first set up the conversion tracking, and they don’t know there are tools that are available to them to resolve new issues.

People would argue that once these people see the light of day and they are willing to change and upgrade their conversion tracking, they know that changing your conversion tracking has some costs associated with it.  Although is true, you have to just say to hell with it and rip off the band-aid.  If the business can get up to speed with everything, they’ll find that tracking actual business goals as convesin within AdWords will give immediate, quantifiable advantages that out-weigh the costs and pain points of getting everything up to snuff.

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Search Engine Land: Rip Off The Band-Aid: Use AdWords Conversion Tracking For (All) Your True Business Goals