facebook-76536_1280When content goes viral, you know everybody is checking it out.  If the content has gotten to this stage of exposure, you know that there is something special with that content.  There’s got to be some sort of magic that makes it viral-worthy.  But what is that something special?  What magic could that content really have?  Besides whatever is actually contained within the content itself that makes it shine, there is one thing that certainly gives it that spark that can turn content into a viral sensation.

What is this spark needed to turn content into something big?  In a nutshell, it needs a good push from social media.  The word needs to get out there about the content you want people to see.  A piece of viral content doesn’t just suddenly become viral because you posted it online and let it sit there like a limp noodle.  It takes a little bit of social media to help get the content out there to people to see.

There is a blog post on Moz.com, written by  that talks about a way to push your content in the right direction to get people to actually check out your content.

Facebook advertising.

In the post, Paddy  will cut out any fat and will dive directly into the ways that you can use to promote your content to an audience on Facebook.

To check out Paddy’s post, you can visit Moz.com and check out the blog section of the site, or you can follow the link below.

Moz Blog: How to Use Facebook for Targeted Content Promotion