google-android-mobile-phoneIt was forecasted by Marin Software last year that mobile would “account for 50% of Google paid search clicks” by the end of 2015.  With about 12 months to go, a surprising few advertisers have mobile paid search programs that are actually flourishing.

The big question is, “why are advertisers doing as well as they could be?”  Most of the time, especially to inexperienced advertisers, they look at phones as devices where the click isn’t nearly as valuable as the more developed desktop conversion funnels, so they end up either not putting much effort into the mobile market, or just ignoring mobile devices all together.

But what these people don’t know is that taking on mobile devices are actually easy, fast, and have commercial value.  All they need to do is think smaller.

This is where the “micro lead” comes in.  What is a micro lead?  To put it simply, it’s a little conversion on a little device.  Don’t get the wrong idea though.  In this case, “micro” would mean asking a user to execute a “small” action, not that “micro” has a little to no value.

It’s time for brands to put a great mobile paid search strategy in place, and  has some tips for the rest of  us that begins with tiny steps.  So check out her column over Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Think Small: Solve Your Mobile SEM Problem With “Micro Leads”