How to Use Psychology to Build Social Media Campaigns That Resonate

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PsychologyWhen you’re using social media in business, it isn’t simply about getting the most shares and likes for each post your put up.  In the business world, it’s all about building the relationships between you and your customers that counts.  What you don’t want to do to get these people to like the posts your business posts by bribing them into doing it.

“If you like our page on Facebook, you will become eligible for our newest offer!”

This isn’t how you go about gaining the trust of your audience.  You want to have them like your page because they want to, not because you are willing to give up something for it.  That bribe model might work – only for a while.  Even then, the problem that persists that by bribing people to join the ranks of social media followers, you will probably end up with a list of unqualified leads who only followed you because you promised to give them something.

Instead, you want to establish a real relationship with your followers.  You want the type of relationship that keeps bringing returns over time without having to continuously offering bribes to gain and keep your followers.

Pratik Dholakiya has five psychological tactics that can assist you in gaining the social  media followers that will not only build a foundation for an ongoing communal relationship, but will actually enjoy the content you share with them.  These tactics were all written up in a post on Search Engine Journal and these are what you can expect:

  1. Using a human touch
  2. Inspired people to take action with a compelling narrative
  3. Create a sense of fun and make people want to participate
  4. Utilize that nostalgia
  5. Stop selling, and start sharing!

It’s one thing to have these tactics simply listed  here, there’s much more to it.  Each point will include the psychology behind them and how to apply them to you social media campaigns.

Checkout the details by going to Search Engine Journal, or following the link below:

Search Engine Journal: How to Use Psychology to Build Social Media Campaigns That Resonate

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