chain-linksWith the recent updates to Google’s algorithms, successful link building has become increasingly tougher to do, thanks to Panda and Penguin.  So if this can be the hardest part of SEO, how is it possible to build good links?  According to , a contributor to Moz, it takes hard work, diligence and some know how.

Kaila has found one particular tactic for finding brand mentions without the links is advanced searching.  Heck, even Moz’s famous Rand has made mention of this in on of his Whiteboard Friday videos.  Check out that video as well if you got the time.

For Kaila, using Google and third part tools is a wonderful way to find sites.  Also, knowing how to use advanced search commands can be a good thing as well.

You want to know some of Kaila’s advanced search commands for finding unlinked brand mentions?  Read up on her full article on Moz by following the link below.