Users Could Soon Start Blocking Mobile Ads On Safari With iOS 9

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GoogleWhen iOS 9 makes its debut, Apple is giving app developers and easy way to create mobile ad blockers for their web browser, Safari, on iPhones and iPads.  This could be bad news for those companies and businesses using ads to market their products and services.

Although Apple never came out and used the term “ad blocking” in their developer spects, they said that the new functionality will give developers “a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content”.  This is a round about way of saying ad blocking.

At this point, the content blockers are only applying to Safari right now, and Google is still the default search engine on iOS devices.  This move could have taken a bite out of Google’s mobile ad revenue.

According to 9to5Mac, once a user downloads an app with a content blocker extension, it’ll appear in Settings.  As an option, the user can allow the app to stay installed on the device, but disable the content blocker independently in Settings.

In a recent report, Google may have lost nearly a billion in ad revenue in the US alone in 2014.  This loss in money is a result of about 10 percent of US internet users using ad-blocking extensions or plug-ins installed on their browsers.  In an attempt to get more of their ads through, Google reportedly paid millions to be whitelisted by services, such as AdBlock, to have some ads make it past filters.

Original Source by Ginny Marvin

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